All of these activities are at Mulberry Grove Center in the Americana Room 

(unless indicated elsewhere)

Please use the contact us tab above

 if you are interested in becoming a  member 


Saturday Play Reading For Pleasure

Members will receive a signup email about a week before. There is a limit on the number of participates so 

everyone can get a chance to read. This is on a first come first served basis. If you have any questions, 

contact Beth Ely at

12/18/21 starting at 1:30 pm

2/5/22 starting at 1:30 pm

3/5/22 starting at 1:30 pm

4/30/22 starting at 1:30 pm

5/21/22 starting at 1:30 pm

9/3/22 starting at 1:30 pm

11/5/22 starting at 1:30 pm 



2/22/22 - Starting at 11 am

At this workshop, we will be training people to be Assistant Directors and Stage Managers  for The Villages 

Theater Company. The duties performed by these crew members may be slightly different than the industry 

norm and are unique for The VTC's circumstances working in a Rec Center. Please read the list of duties 


We will be needing people for these positions for all of our upcoming plays. If you are interested, please check 

out the info in "Full Play Schedules" above. You can apply for these positions for plays that meet your time 


If you can't attend this workshop, but are still interested in these positions for one of the plays on our schedule,

please contact us and let us know.