January 21 - 24, 2022  at 7 pm at Mulberry Grove Rec Center


A Romantic Comedy by Fred Carmichael

Directed by Steve Rubin

"I WANT A DIVORCE". Four words simultaneously uttered one morning, sets the stage for this delightfully 

funny romantic comedy. Neither expected their spouse to ask for a divorce as they both are taken aback. And 

soon thereafter, the bickering and blaming begins. We learn about Frances and Colin through flashbacks. It's 

the classic "he said, she said" syndrome. In addition, the characters address the audience, one to one directly, 

allowing the audience to connect and empathize with each of them. Add in their mutual agent, Sylvia and a 

good friend, Bert, to complicate the situation and all hell breaks loose with TONS of laughter following.

Tickets for reserved seats will be available starting December 8, 2021

at all Villages Box offices and online at TheVillagesentertainment.com  

$20 residents / $ 25 standard


April 22 - 25, 2022 at 7 pm  Mulberry Grove Rec Center

Full Stage Set Production with microphones


A comedy by Paul Slade Smith

Directed by Joyce Schenk

This is the hysterical story of a Lt. Governor, Ned Newley, who is suddenly thrust into the governorship and 

who is terrified of public speaking. His poll numbers are impressively bad and his ever-supportive Chief of 

Staff, feels he is destined to fail.  But political consultant Arthur Vance sees things differently. Ned might be the

worst candidate to ever run for office unless the public is looking for....the worst candidate to run for office. Add

to the melee Louise Peakes, a temporary employee hired as the Governor's executive assistant, who is

personable, likeable and entirely inept!. 

A timely hilarious comedy that skewers politics and celebrates democracy.

Tickets for reserved seats will be available starting March 9, 2022
$ 20 residents/$ 25 standard


July 22 at 2:30 pm and July 23 + 24 at 7 P.M.

Full Play with microphones

Taking Leave

A Dramatic Comedy by Nagle Jackson

Directed by Steve Rubin

In the middle of the night, Elliot Pryne, aging professor of Shakespeare, is packing what he thinks is a suitcase 

to leave what he thinks is a hotel, all the while struggling with his three daughters and the fading light of his 

mind. Heartwarming and compassionate, this rich dramatic comedy is about living and dying and the strangely 

comedic value of both.

Tickets for reserved seats will be available starting  in June of 2022

Villages or Guest ID Required


October 14 - 17, 2022 at 7 pm at Mulberry Grove Rec Center

Full Stage Set Production with microphones


A Mystery/ Comedy by Sam Bobrick

Directed by Mindy Danko

Bored by his privileged but mundane life, Henry Flemming sells his lucrative brokerage firm to buy a detective 

agency. On his very first case, and to the horror of his wife Karen and his two crazy neighbors Suzy and Stan, 

the Flemming living room begins to fill up with dead bodies. Even though Henry keeps showing up at home 

more disheveled and beaten up, he couldn't be happier. He's convinced he's found his life's work and Westport,

Connecticut will be safer for it! 

Come join us for this lively spoof of the film noir thrillers from the 40' and 50's!

Tickets for reserved seats will be available starting  August 31, 2022
$ 20 residents/ $25 standard



Full Stage Set Production with microphones


A Comedy by Norm Foster

Directed by Joyce Schenk

After her husband forgets their 32nd wedding anniversary, Teresa Parliament sets out to find a life for herself 

outside the home. She immerses herself in a wild journey through every kind of class or club she can find, 

including Addicts Anonymous - even though she's not an addict.  Playwright Norm Foster's inimitable sense of 

humor shines through Mrs. Parliament as well as the many other characters in the story. Mrs. Parliament's life-

affirming adventure is sure to leave audiences both laughing and with the knowledge that life can always give 

us second chances if we are willing to take that first step.

All dates to be determined

$ residents/$ standard